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Remember last week when I posted about the Pyrex set I etched? And how the hubby and I were super excited for his good friend and his awesome new wife (the friend's, not my husband's)? Well, I wanted to share some of the beautiful details of their wedding dinner that we were honored enough to be invited to. The beautiful bride (who am so excited to get to know better over the years) designed a beautiful wedding that was simple, stream-lined, and full of personal touches-exactly my style.

The place cards were adorable, I felt very excited to be considered a friend of the groom, but was a little jealous of the woman next to me who was a friend of the bride and the groom. The little animal indicated your dinner choice, bacon-wrapped sirloin for the hubby, chicken Marsala for myself (and it was delicious in  case you're wondering).
As always I Photoshopped out names for privacy.

The sign-in table also listed the seating chart; two long tables instead of a bunch of smaller round tables, which ended up being really fun. I ended up talking to more people than I would normally have because they were much closer to me and I didn't feel like I was shouting across the huge circumference of a round table. They also had a little sign telling you about an app you could download to your smart phone so you could take some "wedding photos" for them. My phone is only semi-intelligent, but I thought it was an awesome idea and other people were having fun with it.

All the centerpieces were different white and yellow flowers and all the containers were spray painted tin cans and Mason jars, SO cute. I love me some Mason jars. And I got to take one home, so I'm sure you'll be seeing it in future posts!
By the way, the bride designed all of the stationary products herself, from their invitations to the place cards and everything in between and she has her own website called Typeset Designs, check it out!

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