glass etching

One of the (many) reasons that I wanted a Silhouette machine so badly was so that I can do glass etching. well, almost a year after becoming acquainted with my Cami, I finally had the opportunity to do it! One of my hubby's bffs got married this month and we are super excited for him! I was also super excited to see a Pyrex set on their wedding registry, I told my hubby we had to buy it quickly, before someone else did so I could etch those bad boys. I have some Pyrex with our last name etched on it and it's great for when you're taking a dish to a pot luck or some other function because all those glass dishes look alike!
If you've never etched before, it's really simple; you need etching cream, a paintbrush, and some sort of stencil, in my case I used Silhouette vinyl and transfer paper. I decided to do a simple monogram with their initials. Don't be afraid to spread the etching cream on nice and thick, you can scrap off the extra and put it back in the bottle.

There you have it! I hope the happy couple like the results as much (or more!) than I do. :)

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