simple infant headbands

As I foresee many house decorating posts in the future (since we did just move a month ago), I decided to share some craftiness in the form of headbands that I made before little miss was born.

I have had many people comment on these headbands and the great thing is that they are very easy to make and they have a lot to stretch to them so they will fit an ever-growing infant noggin for awhile. :)
The only supplies that you need are: trim, elastic hair ties, and a needle and thread (or a sewing machine). I went to Joann's and bought three different pieces of trim that I liked; for the lengths I used this guide. Since I knew that I would be attaching elastic, I subtracted about an inch from the suggested sizes. This was a pretty good strategy so the headbands weren't too big or too small. Then I just sewed the elastic hair ties to the trim, forming little loops, or pockets with the trim around the hair ties, allowing movement between the two. That's it! Super simple, and super cute!

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