little cows

Last year I posted an adorable picture of my son in his outfit for Cow Appreciation Day.

Well, my little dove has grown a bit since last year and we have little miss to dress up too so I had to make some new costumes; And I had to do it before packing up all my craft stuff for the move.
I still had a ton of black felt leftover from last year, and I already had plain white t-shirts for both of the kiddos, so there was no cost associated with the costumes this year. I just cut out some cow-looking spots and then sewed them onto the kid's shirts. My little dove wore his shirt with a pair of black pants and I paired the shirt for little miss with a white diaper cover and a tail made of yarn that I just pinned on.

We went to Chick-Fil-A for breakfast and dinner on that day and they were definitely the cutest little calves there.

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