gallery wall

Who doesn't love a gallery wall? I know I sure do- we've lived in four different places since being married and I've had a gallery wall in three of them. In fact, I have three different gallery walls in our current house... I may have some kind of addiction. Nevertheless, I wanted to share our family room gallery wall of family pictures, since I think it's my favorite so far. I also wanted to share the method I used this time to arrange the pictures, because it made the process much more simple and eliminated the extra nail holes I always seem to get when arranging frames on a wall.

I started by cutting out some scrap paper in the shape of all of our frames, which really didn't take as long as I would have thought. Then I experimented, taping up the different papers on the wall until I had an arrangement I liked. I also wrote little words associated with the pictures on each paper so I would remember which was which, since some of the sizes were exactly the same, words like, "B&W fam" and "San Fran".

Then I got to work, putting the nails in the wall directly into the paper, then ripping the paper away and replacing it with the frame.
See another gallery wall behind it? I'm still working on that one :)
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