thank you card

I think it's a great idea to exploit you children's cuteness when it comes to cards, gifts, and crafts in general. Who doesn't feel extra special when they have a little cutie pie smiling at them? :) I love writing messages on a chalkboard and trying to capture a quick image of my son holding it.
Anyone with kiddos knows that it can be difficult trying to go on dates with just you and your spouse. I can count the number of times that my hubby and I have been to a movie with just the two of us since my son was born on one hand. Most of the time I'm ok with missing a movie and having to wait for it to come out on Netflix, but sometimes I'm too antsy and just have to see it right away. This happened last year and one of my hubby's co-workers was nice enough to babysit. To say thanks, I made her this card and wrapped up some homemade cookies to give to her.

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