Our family has a pretty busy season from June-August when it comes to birthdays and anniversaries (including my own anniversary, which somehow falls on my younger sister's birthday, how did that happen?) so I really need to bulk up on cards at this time of year. For the month of June I thought it would be fun to highlight a different card in each post, in case someone out there needs some inspiration for their own card making. So I hope you enjoy this month long card-a-palooza!

A lot of times when I make cards I start out with one idea and along the way it becomes better, this is a perfect example of that. I had the card laid out with the "happily ever after" (printed up on pink vellum in SNF Infinity Bold font) where I wanted it, but I knew something was missing. I didn't like any of my papers behind the rose paper and pink vellum. Then it hit me, I have a ton of leftover burlap (from this and this) and I am a big fan of texture. :) I love the way these cards turned out, perfect for an anniversary or wedding.