a very exciting announcement!

Instead of a Saturday shout-out this week, I get to make a very exciting announcement... my little princess decided to show up the day after her big brother's birthday! Which means that I get to announce that the winner of the sibling shirt is...
...dc fricke, who guessed 5/16 at 2:30pm, only off by about 23 hours (baby girl was born on 5/15 at 1:34 pm)! Technically my younger sister guessed 5/15 at 3:00am, but it was inserted into my mom's comment, so they can decide who gets the prize. ;)
However, I'm going to issue a second place prize as well because dc fricke is my mom and had some insider information about false labor, dilation, and effacement. :) So I would also like to say congratulations to Heidi Rieck, who guessed 5/21! Please send me an email letting me know if you want it now, or you want to wait to redeem your prize!
In the mean time, my sister-in-law is due the day after me so I whipped this up for her upcoming little bundle of joy. I hope she likes it!


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