Saturday Shout Out: apple & ivy

I took last Saturday off from posting my shout out to just relax and enjoy the holiday weekend; I'm sure that you were all really disappointed. ;) I hope you all had a great Easter because I know I did. Look how adorable my two matching men were on Easter Sunday, I made sure to keep my little dove's big cheesy grin in the picture so you could appreciate his cuteness to the fullest. I had bought these ties for my hubby for Valentine's Day from a great company called Apple & Ivy (they also ended up sending along some matching cuff links due to a small mistake with shipping). They have both a website and an Etsy store for your purchasing pleasure, and I noticed when picking out the tie I wanted that there are sometimes variations between the two, so be sure to check both if you're looking for something specific. I personally love their matching father and son tie sets, but they do sell all sorts of other accessories too, like necklaces so that momma can match too!