"maternity" dress

Even though it's only April, it's hot here and it's been that way for like a month. In addition, I just keep getting bigger (since I am, after all, growing another human being inside of me) and hence, hotter. Not the good kind of hot either, the temperature kind of hot. I can't find a pair of maternity shorts I like that aren't ridiculously expensive and there is no way I am wearing a pair of long jeans if the temperature is higher than mid-70's, especially if there's any humidity. This means that I have resorted to skirts and dresses whenever possible. A little while back I totally lucked out and found this cute dress at my local Ross. I was super excited because it's not a maternity dress, but works with the baby bump, so I'll be able to get a lot of use out of it. PLUS it is really comfortable and has become one of my favorite pieces of clothing. There was just one small issue that was an easy fix. I'm nearly 5'10" and this dress was just a teensy tiny bit on the short side of what I'm comfortable with, especially with my bump pushing it out and up.

I bought some white satin blanket binding and some white lace from Joann's, sewed those two things together, then sewed it to the hem of the dress, adding a few inches of length; perfect! It's also nice that I've gotten lots of compliments on it, makes a pregnant girl feel pretty good. :)

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