faux easter eggs

How adorable is my little dove helping me make some faux Easter eggs, or "balls" as he calls them. Anytime we see Easter eggs in the store he gets all excited and says "balls", and if he can get his hands on them he likes to throw them; luckily he hasn't tried to throw any real eggs yet. Anyway, despite some trepidation I had at the thought of having my son help me decoupage, I decided to give it  a try. We started out with a 12 pack of paper mache eggs purchased from Hobby Lobby at 40% off.

Then I just grabbed some leftover tissue paper that I had and ripped it into small pieces. Once my son was finished throwing them around the room, we got to work decoupaging the tissue paper onto some of the eggs with Mod-Podge.
My helper was done after about two eggs; oh well, he kept himself plenty busy with the tissue paper while I completed a few more. There were four finished when I realized I wasn't really loving the way they were turning out for some reason. So I tried doing a couple with only one color of tissue paper, and I liked them better but I still didn't love them.
Next I decided to try wrapping a couple in yarn. I don't really have any "Eastery" colored yarn, but I picked out a fuzzy cream I had, and a pretty blue. I made these two eggs by putting four strips of double sided craft tape on the eggs, and securing the beginning and ends of the yarn with some E-6000 glue. The blue egg is definitely my favorite one.
So, if you're keeping track that left me with four more plain paper mache eggs. I had planned to paint those with some chalkboard paint, since I've got a ton left over from other projects. However, I could not find my paint anywhere and the only conclusion that I can come to is that it somehow ended up in our storage unit... which is thousands of miles away, sigh. So I left those eggs untouched and hopefully I'll be able to paint them for next year.

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