baby giveaway!

***This giveaway is now closed! Please check back in the future for more!!***

Hmmm... that title might be a little misleading as I'm not actually giving away a baby, but don't stop reading because it's still a pretty good giveaway! Plus, it won't keep you up at night and you don't have to change its diapers. ;)

On of my highest viewed posts so far this year has been my "sibling shirts", which I can completely understand because I love them too! My little dove has already worn his several times and I have gotten many compliments on it and people asking me where I got it. So, in celebration of the fact that my due date is 1 month from yesterday(!), I thought it would be fun to have a "guess the due date" giveaway (perhaps that would have been a better title for this post). You will have your choice of a single shirt (this is not for a sibling set!) that is either little sister or brother, or big sister or brother.  This is a cute and unique gift idea for a mommy-to-be, a coming home outfit, or a way to announce a new addition to the family!

So here's how it's going to work:

1} You must be a follower of little dove creations AND...
2} ...leave a comment for this post with your guess of the date and time, and the closest guess wins (if multiple people guess the correct day, then the winner will be whomever guessed the closest to the actual time).
3} Comments between now and 12:00am on May 13th (Happy Mother's Day!) will be accepted. Any comments made after that time will not be accepted for this giveaway.

Make sense so far? Good, and just because I want to be as fair as possible, here are some details to help you make your guess:

-My due date is May 27th (and I am planning to be induced on May 28th if she does not come by that date, so you probably don't want to make a guess after the 28th or 29th).
-My son's due date had been May 28th, 2010, but he came exactly two weeks early.
-My husband thinks I'll deliver right around my due date, but I have a feeling I may go about a week early (we're not basing that off of anything scientific, just feelings we have).

A few more details regarding winning:

-Remember, this is not a giveaway for a sibling set, just a single shirt.
-The size can be anywhere from newborn-4T, but it is up to my discretion if it will be on a shirt or a onesie.
-This is a giveaway that will take some patience, the winner will likely not be announced until early June depending on my recovery time, etc.
-You do not have to redeem your free gift right away, you have until the end of this year to claim your prize. When you email me, you can specify what definitions you would like on the shirt, or you can leave it up to me. Because of space issues, I have found that keeping it to four definitions at the most, works the best. Also, if you would prefer it to say something other than big/little sister/brother, we can discuss that too (like if you would rather it just say "baby girl" or "new baby", or something like that).
-There will be about a week turn around time, plus shipping time. Please keep this in mind when redeeming your prize. If you make your request in July, it will not be processed until August.
-The shipping is, of course, free :)
-The winner will be notified on this blog and it is your responsibility to check to see if you've won.

Have fun guessing and good luck!

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