Apartment Living: a baby corner

I really wanted to title this post, "nobody puts baby in a corner", but I was able to resist the temptation (now I really want to watch that movie though).

Well, since we live in a two bedroom apartment and we're going to be moving this summer anyway, I have no nursery to decorate whilst nesting. However, this little princess obviously needs to sleep somewhere so I set up the Pack n' Play by the side of my bed (the only place in our bedroom where there is space for it). My son also slept in the Pack n' Play for his first 4 months, so I know this will work just fine. Setting the Pack n' Play up there meant I had to relocate the folding tray I use for my nightstand, luckily there was just enough room to put it between the Pack n' Play and the closet door. Once I did that I realized that this could be her own little space, and the best part is that I spent $0. I pulled a couple of curtains from Ikea out of storage when I was looking for other stuff awhile back and threaded a scrap piece of wood through the tabs on top, then I screwed some mug hooks into the ceiling and used those to secure the wooden dowel. I also wanted some kind of shelf on the wall, so I just grabbed a basket that I already had, hung two nails on the wall, and rested the wire rim that is around the base of the basket on the two nails. Easy squeezy. I also grabbed another basket I had to use as her laundry hamper and it fits pretty nicely between the legs of the folding tray. So it's nothing amazing, but it makes a hormonal mom feel better about where her sweet little princess will be sleeping for her first couple months of life. Sometimes in an apartment you've just got to do the best you can, right?

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