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I think it's interesting to look back to when I first started this blog, and then to look at it now and see the direction it has kind of taken. Originally I had thought this would be a blog full of things I'd made for my son (and now soon-to-be-daughter too), but I really like that as I've become more comfortable with sewing and trying new things and coming up with new ideas, that this blog has expanded into various types of crafts and baked goods, etc. I hope that your crafting journey takes you fun and unexpected places as well. :)
Ok, now that the corniness is over, let me get to the point of all that. Being pregnant (and nesting) is giving me an excuse to start sewing some stuff for baby again and to even, gasp, try some new things! So I decided that although this little girl really didn't need more blankets (we pulled out all of my son's gender neutral ones and then I went through my small stash of blankies and burp cloths that I keep on hand to give as gifts), I wanted to experiment with a new kind of tummy time blanket. The blankets I've made in the past have been two layers of flannel sewed together with a few taggies at the corners to attach toys to or for baby to suck on (which is what my son always seemed to want to do). I also love them because they are big enough to swaddle your baby in too, so they're really useful!
Ha, can you tell these pictures are old and I was too lazy
to go back and re-Photoshop them?

That's my little dove at about 5 months, aww, so cute, right?
But  I wanted to try something that would be a little more sensory for baby, so I took the same basic idea and just took it to the next level. I found a bright pattern in a flannel (that I felt was pretty gender neutral, cause that's what we tend to go for in our household; who knows how many kids and which ones we'll get ;) ) and paired it with a Soft and Fluffy fabric (it's 100% polyester, but Joann's really and truly calls it 'Soft and Fluffy'). I put taggies on, but placed them so they would stick straight up, rather than stick out to the sides. I figured that would be easier for a beginner tummy-timer to grab.

I backed it with a solid blue flannel and then I did the edges a little different, just to see if I liked it better...

... and I'm still on the fence. I'm thinking I like the old way better (sewing the blanket inside-out so you can't see the edges at all). But overall I do love this blanket and am excited to use it for my baby girl to use it!

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