Saturday Shout-Out: the terrace housewife

For today's shout out I decided to go to my Pinterest board and see what food item looked the most scrumptious to me today. Why? Because I'm 31 weeks pregnant and craving junk food like it's my job (as my friend Tiff would say). :)

I thought it would be hard to pick just one since all of the food items on my Recipes board are sweets. I truly do cook dinner nearly every night and our menu is pretty varied, really! You would just never know it from the recipes that I'm pinning. Anyway, surprisingly there was one recipe that jumped out at me right away, and that was the Marshmallow Chocolate Cake that I pinned from The Terrace Housewife. I think I know what I'll be making (it'll have to be next weekend though when the hubby is out of town since he's on a diet and I don't want to tempt him with it. Plus, more for me ;)). There's a ton more yummy recipes on her website that I can't wait to try, like this Apple Pie Cake and these Chicken and Pesto Pepper Sandwiches (hey, sometimes I'm craving healthy stuff too). She also has a bunch of cute craftiness on her blog... if you can wipe the drool from your chin long enough to take a look at it instead of dreaming of all the delicious food.

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