valentines for my valentine

How cute is my little Picasso? Today I finally got my card for my husband done, and got my son to make his present for his daddy. Geez, that kid is such a lazy bum, always waiting till the last minute. ;)
For his frame, we started out with a simple paper mache frame that we had picked up from Joanns for $1. Then I slipped out the piece of plastic that it came with for the insert and put a piece of white paper in there to keep the inside from getting all gunky with paint. I pulled out some water-based finger paints that I already had and only unscrewed the lids of the red, blue, and purple. That way I figured I didn't have to worry about the colors mixing together and looking all muddy.

Then all I had to do was strip my son down to his diaper and put him in the bathtub. Oh. My. Gosh. Best idea ever! He had so much fun and I had so much fun watching him because I didn't have to worry about him getting paint everywhere, and clean up was so easy! I foresee much more tub painting parties in the future.
When he informed me he was "all done all done", we were left with quite a masterpiece. Once it was completely dry I pulled the paper out, and slipped the plastic insert back in and put a picture of my hubby and son behind it.

And although not as exciting as my little dove's work of art, here is the card I made for my sweet hubby. I kept it simple this year and used Cami to cut out the words for the front. The cardstock is my new favorite find, because it's two different colors and you can sand it to make the second color show through. I love it! (I bought mine at Joann's, but I'm sure they sell it other places as well).

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