Saturday Shout Out: Spoonflower

About a month ago I was looking for Alice in Wonderland fabric for my upcoming bundle of joy's baby quilt. I knew I wanted her room to be lavender and gray with a vintage Alice in Wonderland theme and as I started looking for fabric I realized that those two things do not really go together. Basically, if I had been looking for almost any other color I would have been all set. Finally, while scanning through millions (at least it felt like that many) pictures online, I somehow stumbled across Spoonflower and I am so glad I did! In their  "About Us" section they say that it was founded "by two Internet geeks who had crafty wives but who knew nothing about textiles." How cute is that? At first I was looking at some vintage-inspired Alice designs that other people had done, but it still didn't feel 100% right so I took the plunge and designed some of my own using Photoshop. After reading through their helpful FAQs regarding sizing, resolution, and coloring I felt confident enough to order a yard without ordering a fabric swatch first (they recommend doing this so you can make sure the scale is how you wanted it and the color matches what you had envisioned since all monitors will show the color a little differently). My mother-in-law was coming into town to visit and we were going to pick out the fabrics for baby girl's quilt so I wasn't sure if I had time to wait for the fabric swatch, and then also the yardage of  fabric, otherwise I might not have taken the chance. Well, the fabric arrived sooner than expected and after nervously opening the package, I was so excited to to see the fabric that I had designed in person! {The color in the picture at the very top of the post most accurately shows the lavender color.}
It's a bit of a splurge for fabric, but if you need a certain print to make that project perfect, then Spoonflower is the website for you! I am so thankful I found it!

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