Saturday Shout Out: made by joel

I got the March issue of Parents magazine in the mail a few days ago and put off opening it as long as I could. I think I made it a day and a half. I always feel like I have that thing looked over from cover to cover in one day so I try to wait as long as possible since I look forward to it so much each month. I know, I need to get a life. :P Anyway, they had an article for the 'Best Blog Awards 2012' and when I came across their pick for best craft blog I knew I had to include it. Why? Well, I hope that I don't anger anyone by this blatant gender stereotyping, but the name of their pick is Made by Joel... and Joel is not a girl's name (which I am a little ashamed to admit that I assumed at first). But I mean, come on, how many craft blogs to you come across that are done by men? I checked it out and I am in love (with the blog, not him). I especially love his paper city print outs and can't wait until my little dove is big enough to appreciate them! And if you either (a) would rather have a hard copy to look at, or (b) love his website as much as I do and want to know how you can see more, then he also has a book.
So definitely check out Made by Joel and if you happen to subscribe to Parents magazine too then check out all the other great blogs that they mention.