Saturday Shout Out: Just Another Hang Up

Today's shout out goes to Suzanne over at Just Another Hang Up. I love all the cute things she has on her blog (and all the free tutorials she offers)! I especially love her "Plaque Attack Club", which is completely free and I recommend that you join asap! I first found out about it two Christmases ago when my mother-in-law got these little frames for all of us girls and started us out with September-December. Ours are a little different, because the file is just printed onto scrapbooking paper, then inserted into a 5x5" frame rather than mod-podged onto a plaque, making it a little easier for people that live in apartments and have limited storage. The great thing is that even after Suzanne had an entire year worth of monthly images, she continues to come up with something new every month!
Thanks so much Suzanne, love your blog and you "Plaque Attack Club"!

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