Saturday Shout Out: resolution to learn/improve a skill

Learning a new skill or improving one that you've already started developing is a fairly common resolution for most people. Heck, this is typically ongoing for me, I'm always trying to learn something new (notice I used the word trying, my plan to learn Spanish from tapes did not go so well). As you may remember from my 'presents ideas' post last month, I recently started crocheting again and was pleasantly surprised that I picked it up so well. Let me just clarify that when I says I started again, all I ever remember learning before was single crochet; I never made anything, except for a long string a couple of rows wide. When I saw that  the gloves I had made didn't turn out half bad, I knew what I wanted my next project to be and started looking for some kind of pattern for a newborn beanie with ear flaps. You know the ones I'm talking about, they're all over the place when you're looking at newborn photos. The problem was, whenever I found a pattern in a book at the store, it came with 6-10 other patterns that I didn't want.
Well, you can imagine my excitement when I found the blog Alli Crafts and discovered that she has tons (and tons and tons!) of free patterns and even offers them in different sizes so you don't have to try to guess how to make a newborn something or other fit your toddler or vice versa. And I was extra excited when I saw this simple but darling little hat:
{Image from Alli Crafts}

I have started playing around with the pattern and I can say that it comes along very quickly once you get going! I am so excited to finish and show all of you!
So, a ginormous thank you to Alli for offering such great free patterns! I'm excited to make this cute little hat for my little girl and to make other things too!

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