Saturday Shout Out: baking resolution

Ok, ok, a baking resolution might sound like a weird idea, but honestly, maybe you want to get in the kitchen more often this year and use something other than the fridge and the microwave. So whether you want to cook more meals or bake more goodies, I want to share an awesome website with you that I found last year called Friendship Bread Kitchen. I was lucky enough to stumble upon this little gem while I was looking for an Amish Friendship Bread starter recipe (don't you just love that stuff?) last year and the way I view Friendship Bread has changed forever.
See, really the only issue I have with Amish Friendship Bread is that eventually you run out of people to give starter to... or at least I do. So, although I know you can freeze the starter, I always end up making a ginormous quadruple batch to use it all up. Then I have a ton of Friendship Bread and although my husband might disagree, yes, you can have too much. That's why Friendship Bread Kitchen is so amazing, check out all the recipes they have! They have sweet breads, savory breads, pancake and waffle recipes, even recipes for  vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, and yeast-free starters! So even though I still end up making a ginormous batch (See the picture below? That's what I have left even after I had made a bread loaf and a batch of the Basic Cookies. Oh, and the chocolate looking batter was the start of ice cream sandwiches, that's right, yum...), I don't get bored because I can make so many different things!
So go check out Friendship Bread Kitchen, make some starter, and get yourself in the kitchen so I can live vicariously through you! (I'm trying not to bake too much this pregnancy since I'm pretty sure that's one of the reasons I gained 50 pounds the first time around.)

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