english style 'crackers'

I had a fun New Year's Eve with the hubby and my little dove and although I was asleep before midnight... it was midnight somewhere, right? We kept it fairly simple this year, our traditional Chinese takeout and sparkling cider (in plastic champagne glasses of course) and a countdown to "midnight" (really 7:00pm so our little man could join in the fun), at which time we pulled apart our English crackers that I made. These were really easy and really cheap to make and although they're not true crackers since they lack the cracker "snaps" that break the tube apart when pulled, they were still a lot of fun.There are tutorials you can find online, but I just kind of made this process up as I went along and they worked great. Plus, you probably have everything you need already!I bought a $1 roll of wrapping paper at Target that was 70% off since it was after Christmas. I used the roll for the paper, but also for the cardboard roll inside, which I divided into three equal lengths (if you're a better planner than I am, then you could be saving up toilet paper rolls or cardboard tubes from paper towels). Then I took my handy dandy Exacto knife and perforated it all the way around, making sure that it was really only hanging on by a little bit.

Next, I cut 10" squares out of the wrapping paper and with my awesome paper cutter that can make perforated cuts, I ran along the middle twice to amke sure it was nice and perforated too (once probably would have been enough, but I was paranoid that it wouldn't pull apart).

Then I filled the tubes with delicious Rolos and wrapped the paper around it, securing the ends with a skinny strip of tape (once again, if I hadn't been in such a hurry, I would have made it look nicer with curling ribbon or something; oh well, there's always next year.)

Come midnight (or 7:00pm) we pulled them apart, one person on each end, and they broke perfectly! My 19 month old was even able to help pull it apart no problem!

After we put the little guy to bed, our floor looked like this, a war zone of broken crackers, Rolos, and noise makers (which I'm sure our downstairs neighbors loved, at least it wasn't really at midnight.)

If you don't want to make your own, I found this great website I might try sometime that you can order them from, pre-filled or empty.

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