Saturday Shout Out: brown paper packages

I am not ashamed to admit that I may be a little addicted to looking at craft blogs. {Who would like to form a support group with me?} Anyway, I found an awesome blog a few weeks ago that I am excited to share with you, Brown Paper Packages. I love Kierste's blog because she has so many cute ideas and she posts so often (how does she find the time, especially with 5 kids?), so it's a great site to support my obsessive craft blog stalking.

I have to admit, New Year's Eve has never really been that exciting to me. Where I grew up in Southern California, you couldn't light your own fireworks (not that I'm a big fan of that anyway, I don't think it's very safe), I don't drink, and I don't like to stay up late; the one thing I did always look forward to was watching the Rose Parade... so... not much going on for a holiday. This past New Year's the hubby and I had a Twilight movie marathon and that was pretty cool, but this year I was trying to think of some fun family traditions we could start. Then Kierste posted about New Year's Ideas and I fell in love with the idea of a Time Capsule in a Jar, that she originally found on another website. So, I was thinking we would do a jar every year and empty it for the next New Year's, pulling everything out and reminiscing about the odds and ends we put in the jar. Then, while out comparison shopping jars, I had a flash of genius. Rather than use a jar, since I'm not a fan of stuff sitting around and taking up space anyway, I would buy a shadow box with a front hinge that I can hang on the wall, that way we could easily add things to it through out the year, then for next year's celebrations we could empty it and I could scrapbook the memories inside! (I love me a good reason to scrapbook). I used my beloved Silhouette Cameo to cut vinyl (I used the font AR Essence), which I then applied to the front glass of the frame. Then next year I should just be able to peel of the "2" and replace it with a "3". I am super excited to start this tradition with the family tonight and I hope that y'all have fun with some traditions of your own!
So a big thank you, thank you, thank you to Kierste over at Brown Paper Packages for your adorable blog! I foresee many more things being inspired by you in the future!

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