Happy Almost December!

I know I took the past couple weeks off from posting, but I've been pretty busy getting ready for Christmas, crafting, and preparing for my trip to Southern Cali; I'm sure y'all have been busy too. Right now I'm listening to the Christmas station on Pandora, super excited for the first day of December tomorrow! So, I thought it would be festive to share this tree skirt that I finished about a week ago.
I had seen this one and pinned it on Pinterest, where it sat for a surprisingly short amount of time before I bought the materials and made one for myself. Did you know that there are lots of different colored burlap out there? Personally, I did not. I fell in love with a sage green color and almost bought that, but stayed strong and bought the cream (it's called white, but it's more off-white), knowing that I really wanted more of a tone-on-tone color. I am so glad because I love the look of the tree skirt. The only thing I really did differently from the one I saw was that I sewed mine instead of hot gluing it, which was nice because it saved my finger tips from numerous burns.I'm off to California this weekend, but hopefully I'll have time to do my Saturday shout-out before leaving town. Happy almost December everybody!

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