getting crafty with the hubby (paper ornaments)

There are a lot of things that I love about my husband (obviously, I mean I married him so hopefully that would bet he case, right?); like the fact that he likes musicals, or when I suggested having a Twilight Saga marathon this past New Year's Eve he said fine, or like on Monday night when I told him what we were doing for family home evening and he didn't complain or make a face. So there we were, sitting criss-cross applesauce on the floor watching 'Something Borrowed' while decoupaging some Christmas ornaments and I was thinking, "geez I love this guy"... and then by the end of the night I was thinking, "dang, I like his better than mine." (His is the red sheet music and green print ornament.)Every year since we've been married our tree has had a blue, brown, and glass kind of theme going on, which I have really loved. For some reason, this year I got an itch to do something different and I'm going more into a red and natural elements type of theme with a vintage feel, which is basically a 180 from previous years. So these paper mache ornaments (picked up on sale for .50 each at Michael's) that we decoupaged with vintage Christmas scrapbooking paper will go really well with that. I've picked up a few other things on sale too, so I foresee more ornament posts to come this season.
After we made these I've been thinking what a great and inexpensive gift this would be for grandparents too, have you child color on some paper and then glue that to the sides. Or, you could use wrapping paper instead of scrapbooking paper if you have tons of that laying around. And if you can't talk your kids into making these ornaments with you, maybe you can talk you husband into it, but try to be nicer than me and at least pick a more manly movie. :)

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