Saturday Shout Out: glass jack-o-lanterns

Last year when I first started checking out crafty blogs, one of the first ones I came across was Not So Idle Hands; and one of the first crafts I recreated were these cute glass jack-o-lanterns (not gonna lie, I love me some cheap crafts). You might recognize these because they were actually on the cover of Woman's Day magazine this month! Awesome, huh? Even though I have never met Emily over at, I weirdly felt a little proud. Anywho, she has some really cute things on her blog and even has an Etsy shop if you prefer to have idle hands yourself. :)

So I just want to say a big thank you to Emily for being one of my first sources of major crafting inspiration! If you're not already on the Not So Idle Hands bandwagon, you should definitely join!Check Spelling

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