halloween garland

I know, I know, shocking that I'm blogging again, huh? I do a giveaway and then you don't hear from me for weeks? I feel like a jerky ex-boyfriend, you know, the one who never shows up for your date and then never calls or texts you again and that's how he decides to break up with you? You know? No? That only happened to me? Oh... well anyway, I do hope that you'll accept my sincere apologies. I'm sure that you all understand that sometimes life gets in the way of the things that would like to be doing; inconvenient things like moving, trips, illness, no Internet. It's bad enough when just one of those things happens to you, let alone all of them in less than two months, which is what happened to me. It was like the perfect storm of inconvenience. So there you have it, that's my excuse, now let's get back to business.

Halloween is only a couple of days away and I wanted to share a project I completed just in time. A small disclaimer, this garland should be about twice as long but I ran out of tulle and figured I was running out of time so I'll finish it after Halloween and it will be ready for next year. :) The pictures do not do this project justice (I suppose that's what I get for waiting until nighttime with poor lighting to take pictures), it is much cuter in person (and the light is much more purple, I'm not sure why it's blue in the pictures). Basically, you buy a string of lights and either fabric or ribbon (in my case, I bought some ribbon and a spool of black tulle). Then you tie the pieces of fabric (or ribbon) around the light garland and voila! That's it! It's a really easy project but a little time consuming, I recommend you do it after the kids go to bed in front of a movie (or old reruns of The Office). Do you have a favorite show to craft during?

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