some crafty organization

As promised, here is a post for all you anti-crafters out there, a non-craft craft, if you will. I love when something is organized in a beautiful way and as I was starting to go through the kitchen to pack it up for our big move, I got a little frustrated with all the various opened bags of this and that held shut with binder clips. I became overwhelmed with a strong desire to not have a messy pantry in our next residence, so I started organizing as if my life depended on it. Some of the containers I had, like the acrylic ones and the mason jars. Others I bought, like the big plastic ones for the flour and sugar that have awesome pour spouts. Once I had spray painted the jar lids (they look like mason jars, but they're actually old sauce jars and the like so the lids all had brand names on them, which didn't look very pretty), the only thing I had left to do was label those bad boys (or girls, they're too pretty to be boys). I was going to design my own, but while looking for ideas I came across these from and I fell in love. I changed the color in Photoshop and, viola! To print the labels up I just went to Staples and bought Avery removable labels in whole sheet format. They work so well, I've already had to switch some around and I was worried once I removed them they wouldn't restick but it hasn't been a problem! I can't wait to get in our new place and have a beautiful, organized pantry.

And of course, I couldn't forget my laundry room. How gorgeous is that giant Ball Mason jar? The Hob Lob was having a 50% off sale on all glassware, so that's where I got two of these containers, the little acrylic one for the softener sheets I already had. I love how all those little jars look so much that sometimes I just walk into my laundry room to look at them. Pathetic.

You might be thinking to yourself, "self, why is she buying more stuff right before they move?" While I agree with you to some extent, I have two main reasons. Reason #1: I don't want to bring an old mess into a new place, I want to start out organized from the beginning; and, Reason #2: I remember during our last move the laundry detergent got everywhere even though I had taped the box shut and wrapped it in a plastic bag. So there you go, justification for my craziness.

Doesn't it just make you happier to have pretty organization? Or do you not really care one way or the other?