Blue and yellow cupcakes can only mean one of two things--and since the hubby already graduated from UCLA last year, it must mean that it's time for the Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet. I know, our pack had there's much later in the year than is typical, but it was due to circumstances beyond our control. I have been so busy lately that instead of taking the time to make a cake, I made cupcakes.
So I decided that I would use vanilla mix so I could easily dye it blue with icing dye, that way it wouldn't thin my mix. Then, I used my secret cupcake weapon, my Bismarck #230 tip, to fill my blue cupcakes with lemon filling so that they would be blue and yellow on the inside. I used cream cheese frosting to decorate because I thought that would be nice flavor complement, and it was. Who doesn't love a filled cupcake?