birthday bash week: felt playhouse

Well, I can't believe that my little guy's birthday is this Saturday. The past year has gone by much too quickly. I finished the last little details on his birthday present today, a felt playhouse. It's not perfect, but I am so proud of the work that I did and I hope that the birthday boy likes it.

On the front side is the front of the house complete with a mailbox to put all those birthday cards through that he'll be getting. I also made a keyhole on the door handle that his play keys can fit into, so he can lock up when he leaves. Safety first, right?

On one side of the house he has a big window with a pretty window box where he can pick flowers, maybe to give to someone who loves him very much and spent hours making him a nice birthday present?
Edited with this picture taken on his big day. :)
On the backside of the felt playhouse, I made him a little orchard. Currently he has Red Delicious apples, Navel oranges, and some lemons.In the future I might make some other fruits for his trees. All of the fruit is attached with Velcro so he can pick it off. I also decided to make a secret entrance in the back, because every little boy needs an escape route.

Finally, he needs a place where he can sell the fruit he picks so I made a little market on the side with more Velcro that he can stick the fruit to.

I got a lot of inspiration from Jill's felt playhouse at Homemade By Jill (can you tell I love that blog?) and many other people out there. Are you inspired to make your own felt playhouse yet? I hope so. Here are a few words of advice if you decide to make one:

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