birthday bash week: felt party hat

So, as anyone that has ever made a felt playhouse will tell you, there is a good amount of felt leftover at the end of the project. I do have some ideas in mind, but I also thought I could make a party hat for my little dove's cake pictures. I've seen things like this on other websites but I thought I'd include a quick tutorial for y'all. It's pretty easy and can get whipped up super fast.

1} First I measured around the largest part of my little guy's head so I knew how big to make the felt piece. I cute a square of felt out and then folded it in half, using a bowl to get a nice, even curve on the bottom.

2} Then I cut my two angled sides. Originally I was going to cut the lines at 45 degree angles, then when I tried it on my son I saw that I didn't like how tall it was, it looked more like a dunce cap than a party hat. So I went back and cut 30 degree angles, much better.
3} Next I cut out a bunch of circles in coordinating colors. I did use circle fondant cutters that I have as stencils because whenever I try to make circles they turn out all wonky. Then I laid them out, and I always take a picture when I lay things out so that I can refer back to it as I'm sewing.

4} Then I simply folded it in half and sewed along the edge, making the hem a little wider as I moved down the hat. Now, the way I did this hat is a little different then a traditional party hat because it is longer in the back. I did this on purpose so that it would stay on his head better for pictures. However, if you want a party hat for your child to wear for a party where other guests might be, you probably want to make a traditional party hat because it does look a little strange in the back; but it'll be perfect for pictures where we're only going to see the front of him.

5} Then turn right side out and viola! A cute felt party hat for your little birthday boy or girl (or turtle).


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