birthday bash week: a #1 for the birthday boy

As Saturday approaches I get more and more emotional about my little dove turning 1. It probably doesn't help that I have also been working on his 1 year video montage and so I've been going through videos and photos from the past year with sentimental music playing in the background. Over and over again. Anyway, on to today's birthday craft. Today is another quick craft since it is also errand day and the hubby and I have cub scouts tonight; so here we go.
I know that Olan Mills gets a bad rap sometimes, but we have been taking my son every 3 months and have gotten some really cute pictures. I take lots of pictures of him too of course, but it's nice to get pictures at an actual studio with proper lighting, blank backgrounds, and be able to take some pictures with all three of us in them. So his 1 year pictures are this Friday and I wanted a little 1 that he could hold. They do have a large, white Styrofoam type 1 at the studio, but I wanted something a little cuter. Plus, my guy does better in pictures when he is distracted by something in his hands.
1} I picked up a 1 from Hobby Lobby. My original intent was to have my hubby cut me one from some scrap wood, but he said, "why don't you just buy one?" Sure, sounds easier to me! :)
2} Then I picked out some leftover paper from my scrapbook stack that I liked and flipped the 1 over so I could trace around it. Then I cut it out, inked the edges a bit...
3} ...and there you go! A quick coat of Mod Podge on the 1 to adhere the paper to, then a quick sweep of acrylic sealer on top and the 1 is done! A cute 1 for my little dove to hold in his pictures!

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