Saturday Shout Out: more felt playhouses (i may be addicted)

Ok, so I am proud to say that I am ahead of schedule for little dove's birthday present. Not only have I finished 2 sides, but I have even started on a third! Yippee! So, as I've been looking for inspiration for my playhouse, I came across an awesome blog called Sew Can Do, where Cheryl posts a tutorial for a no-sew felt playhouse, which basically uses felt, scissors, and glue. Genius idea. I am glad that I didn't see it until recently though, otherwise I might have been tempted to do a no-sew version which wouldn't have made me push myself. Not only does she have lots of cute fabric crafts on her blog, including DIY sherpa boots and a felt doctor's play kit for the kiddos, but Cheryl even has a etsy store where she sells adorable baby items like this Yoda baby hat. Check it out if you need a smile.
Thanks for the inspiration Cheryl!

(PS-here's a sneak peek of my little dove's playhouse)

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