Saturday Shout Out: felt playhouse

I know, I know, I haven't posted my shout out in two weeks, and I still haven't posted my garden project. The posting is my own fault, we got a new computer, we were out of town and I was sick, a.k.a. I was too focused on other things and lazy to post anything. The garden project not being finished I feel like I can legitimately blame on my husband though, since the only thing I still need to do involves him making a cut for me I am too nervous to do myself (missing fingers run in my family) and he has been telling me for weeks that he would. I would also like it documented that he told me about 5 minutes ago that he will do it today. We'll see. Anyway, let's get on to the shout out today. It was a pretty obvious choice for me today because I have been working on my little dove's first birthday present (only a month away!!) and if it hadn't been for Jill over at Homemade By Jill, I probably never would have gotten the idea. Now, I know that I have already raved about her, but remember I said it wouldn't be the last? This shout out really goes to everyone who has ever made a felt playhouse before though, because a lot of thought, hard work, and love goes into them; trust me, I know. There are a ton of them out there in the blogging world from more simple, to more elaborate, or even some amazing ones you can purchase on etsy! I have one side almost done right now, and I'm hoping that by the end of next week I'll have two sides completely done. Currently, my sewing corner looks like this, so I might have to spend some time organizing.

So this shout out goes to all you moms, aunts, grandmas, etc. who are making felt playhouses for the little sweetheart in your life. They might never appreciate that you spent so much time trying to neatly sew faux bricks on the side or that you tried to make the felt apples look as realistic as possible, but the joy that they get from playing in it for hours more than makes up for it (right?). I will post pictures of the finished project as soon as possible (hopefully by May 14th!).

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