garden stakes

For awhile now I have had an idea floating around in my head for some garden stakes. Seems a little strange to me considering that we don't live in a house so our "garden" consists of a 2x4' planter bed on our patio. However, I finally got around to making them (and my husband finally got around to cutting the wood for me) and they turned out more cute than I had imagined.

First I stained the wood with some leftover stain; then, since I knew I wanted a weathered look, I painted over that with a nice green I had that was also leftover from a previous project. Next, I painted a rectangle of chalkboard paint in the center and attached the plaques to little stakes that I also stained and voila! Garden stakes! I made four of them but so far all I have growing this year is a plumeria that my mom gave me last time I visited and some chives that we planted with our Cub Scouts. Sigh, oh well, someday I'll have an actual garden.

(PS: Through multiple experiences with chalkboard paint I have learned that it really is best to condition it the way that the instructions say to and not to be lazy and rush through it.)

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