Saturday Shout Out: happy spring!

Happy Spring everybody! The husband and I are currently living in an apartment here in Texas, but that doesn't mean that we can't have our own little garden. Last year we made a planter bed so we could do some square foot gardening. Aww, wasn't it so cute?We haven't started planting yet this year because we're not sure what our living/moving situation is going to be, so I'm waiting to see what happens so we don't have to move with our garden strapped to the luggage rack of the Xterra... actually, that's not a bad idea... but I digress. To celebrate the start of Spring, I'm going to be doing a garden craft or two this week, stay tuned. In the mean time, do you need some inspiration to start your own Spring projects? Head over to Gardening-So Cal Style. Ok, I admit it is not a craft blog, but gardening is definitely a creative outlet that should be celebrated! Mary combines humor with information in a way that I wish my professors at school had, sigh. If she doesn't motivate you to start thinking about how you can dive into Spring, I don't know what will!
Thanks for the laughs Mary! I can't wait to start planting!

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