portable car mats

Awhile ago I made some portable car mats for my nephews and posted them on my family blog. (I got the inspiration from two of my favorite craft blogs, Not So Idle Hands and Homemade by Jill). Afterwards I recieved a few emails and comments asking if I would be posting them on this craft blog. Well, I finally got around to tweaking my original plans and I really like the way that this new, revised car mat has turned out. The size when open is 10"x20", but then rolls up for easy portablity. It has four pockets for cars and is made of two layers of denim so it is nice and sturdy.
This one I made with grandparents in mind. Now my son can take his cars and go visit one set of grandparents in northern California, with the rolling hills and grapevines that are so popular in the Napa area near them. Then, it's just a quick drive down to southern California where his other grandparents are waiting by the sunny beach with the snow-covered San Bernadino Mountains in the background. I will be putting this one away for a Christmas present (but wouldn't they make great Easter basket stuffers too!?).


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