message blocks

When I was younger I use to love rearranging these letter blocks my mother had to spell out all sorts of different words and phrases. I've been wanting to make some of my own for awhile now and I finally got around to doing it. Traditionally there are supposed to be 16 blocks, but I added 2 extra so I could get another "u" and so I could have all my numbers for countdowns to birthdays or holidays.

For my own set of blocks I sanded the edges of 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" wooden blocks a bit (you could cut your own but I bought pre-cut blocks from Hobby Lobby, I know they also sell them at Michael's) and then painted them with two coats of white paint. Then I printed up different patterns of scrapbook paper with the letters, symbols, and numbers, and decoupaged them on; but my mom's blocks were just letters stenciled letters on a painted surface, and if you're lucky enough to own a Cricut or Silhouette machine (oh! A Silhouette machine, someday I shall have one, so many ideas in my head, I can't wait, but I digress...) you could always use vinyl letters. I really love the way my blocks turned out and there are many different words and phrases that you can make.

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